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Life and Soul Living

Sensory and Energy Healing Facials

“I care passionately for each and every person whom I work with and want to truly encourage wellness and beauty from the inside out.”  - Louise Taphouse

Life & Soul Living is a holistic and nurturing enterprise created by Louise Taphouse, who through various sensory services helps clients to more harmoniously balance and align themselves. 


The emphasis is on the nurturing of one’s self. By taking care of your external and physical world, you are in turn nurturing and rebalancing your ‘inner world’. Remember – you are a soul with a body.

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Meet Louise - Your Trusted Healer and Facialist

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“Giving to others is giving unto ourselves” 

   - The Dalai Lama

Louise’s history, passion, experience, ongoing training and development combine to deliver you the best possible treatments.


Louise is authentic and passionate, gifted with a compassionate nature and nurturing hands. Life & Soul Living is the culmination of a life-long passion for helping clients align physically and energetically with themselves.


Louise’s professional history spans over 30 years as a beauty therapist; working on cruise ships, in top spas across London, the Caribbean and Australia.

Combined with her extensive beauty therapy experience,  

Louise's entire working career has been dedicated to studying the spiritual and scientific components of her craft, through advanced training and energetic work. 


Louise has all the redeeming qualities to support healing and change at very deep levels. She is
caring, compassionate and a powerful healer who incorporates energy work, shamanic clearing
and advanced beauty skills that have profound effects on the individual. Having worked with Lou
for many sessions I can highly recommend her treatments and ability to connect on a level that is
so unique and mind opening. She is one of the first people I call on for spiritual advice and when I
am in need of balance on the level of body, mind and soul.
I highly recommend her space clearing ritual for your house, business and any spaces that need
cleared and reset. I consulted with Louise when I moved into my studio and she offered feng shui
advice and ritual to ensure cleansing, flow and clearing of past residue and energy. After the ritual
and consultation my space felt so clear, welcoming health, prosperity and flow.
Louise has a deep wisdom of life and her energy is gentle yet powerful. You will not be



-Mairead McCorry.
Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher

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