Life and Soul Living

Sensory Beauty, Hand Crafted Cards & Home Energy Clearing 

“I care passionately for each and every person whom I work with and want to truly encourage wellness and beauty from the inside out.”  - Louise Taphouse

Life & Soul Living is a holistic and nurturing enterprise created by Louise Taphouse, who through various sensory services helps clients to more harmoniously align themselves and their environment. 


The emphasis is on the nurturing of one’s self to one’s environment. By taking care of your external and physical world, you are in turn nurturing and rebalancing your ‘inner world’. Remember – you are a soul with a body.

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Handcrafted cards

Beautiful handcrafted cards, each opening into a concertina of inspirational words for any occasion.  

Home Harmonising

Practical advice on ways to achieve a holistically designed and nurturing space.

Meet Louise - Your Trusted, Intuitive Beauty Therapist &
Holistic Space Designer

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“Giving to others is giving unto ourselves” 

   - The Dalai Lama


Louise’s history, passion, experience, ongoing training and development combine to deliver you the best possible treatments.


Lou is authentic and passionate, gifted with a compassionate nature and nurturing hands. Life & Soul Living is the culmination of a life-long passion for helping clients align physically and energetically with themselves and their environment.


Lou’s professional history spans over 30 years as a beauty therapist; working on cruise ships, in top spas across London, the Caribbean and most recently Willow Urban Retreat in Melbourne.

Combined with her extensive beauty therapy experience, Lou has been practising as a Feng Shui holistic home consultant for 15 years. 

Her entire working career has been dedicated to studying the spiritual and scientific components of her craft, through advanced training and energetic work. 

Lou is also trained in the following disciplines/modalities and applies them according to each client's individual needs:

  •  Feng Shui - master practitioner trained and certified by Master Feng Institute 

  • Elemental space clearing - Denise Linn

  • Alchemic aromatherapy by alchemist Idilli Lizcano, creator of Alqvimia products, in Spain

  • Psychosomatic therapy (the reading of the face and body) - by Herman Muller 

  • Chinese diagnosis face and body reading. 

  • Oriental acupressure

  • Reiki healing 

  • Indian head massage - trained by Narendra Mehta at the London School of Champissage

  • Shirodhara - (meditative therapy which involves the continuous pouring of warm oil onto the third eye, forehead and crown of head 

  • Qi beauty practitioner training

Lou is dedicated to sharing her broad knowledge and wisdom with her clients, so that they may better understand how to align and nurture themselves and their environment, in a more harmonious and beautiful way. Lou’s tool kit is vast – her many beauty and healing modalities support her passion and purpose; to bring balance, energy and harmony in a personalised way, to each client within her care. 

"No matter how many times I come for a treatment I cannot wait to come back for another. Louise has this wonderful way of making me feel like I am the most important person in the world, as she weaves her magical hands throughout the treatment. Louise offers so much more than a standard facial. Her intuitive skills along with an in-depth understanding of the connection between mind, body and soul is what makes a treatment with Louise so extra special. Absolutely hands down, the best ever!!"

- Sharon Breslin (Business Owner, Feng Shui Master Teacher, Author, Mentor)

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