The Home Kit

DIY Micropatch Magnetic Skin Care

Qi Beauty's signature product is The Home kit. A DIY system designed for women to control the way they age. Using Kathy Pedersen's Tested 12 best points for anti-ageing, the Qi beauty Home Kit is the staple to energetic skin.

Gauss Specific Magnetic Stimulation + Gravitational Energy in a DIY Kit you can use at home

Qi Beauty Home Kit is personalised to suit you - your skin and your lifestyle. The Home Kit integrates into existing beauty rituals with ease, it is the secret step in creating energetic skin. Regardless of your beauty rituals, the Qi beauty Home Kit will work for you.

Based on the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gravitational Energy, the Qi beauty Home Kit delivers visible results to the overall health of your skin.

With different Matrix to choose from based on your needs, you can redefine the way your skin behaves, for more energetic, healthier skin - every day, every age.

The Qi beauty Home Kit provides visible results, with ongoing support from Qi beauty, you can control the way you age.

Activate Home Kit

50 treatments + 3 matrix + 7ml Travel Spritz + The Matrix Collection. Customise at any time