Hand Crafted Cards

Life and Soul Designs.

Our cards are hand created and designed using vintage print blocks and tea stained paper. ​​

Once untied, each card opens into a concertina of inspirational words and designs over six pages.​

These beautiful hand finished 'Forever Cards' are a piece of art in themselves.​​ Using our signature vintage stamp, we hand print each envelope.​​

Each luxurious card is $15.95 with free shipping within Australia. Please use the BUY page to order online or contact me to order.

Card for a friend or partner.

"Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you.. because the greatest secerets are always hidden in the most unlikley places.. I have always known it is you that makes it all worth while."
I Carry Your Heart
Card for a partner or family

"Here is the deepest seceret knowbody knows.. here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud.. and the sky of the sky of a tree called life. This is the wonder.. that is keeping the stars apart. I carry your heart I carry it in my heart x"
Card for celebrating a new home.

"A tea set of blue a dream house for you.. better than a palace with a gilded dome.. a dove cot cosy and warm.. is a beautiful nest called home."
Read My Lips
Card for a partner.

"I have something to say.. you bring out the best in me.. when i'm around you I feel inspired.. loved.. fufiled.. valued.. alive.. appreciated.. fearless.. humbled.. fun.. secure.. accepted.. confident.. strong.. greateful.. and truely blessed.. and soooo thankful that you are in my life."
Card for a friend.

"The recipe for friendship isn't found in any books it's a unique blend of the finest ingredients.. with a splash of humor.. and a dash of fun.. mix well and we have you.. a true friend like no other.. a tonic for the soul."
Wedding Dance
Card for partner or as a wedding gift.

"Dance me very tenderley and dance me very long.. dance me to the wedding now.. dance me on and on.. dance me to your beauty, with a burning violin.. dance me to the end of time.."
Card for an anniversary or a partner.

"Two box trees growing together in the same direction.. independent yet shoulder to shoulder.. through each new season.. and the changing winds.. still strong.. supportive.. their roots go deep. Two box trees their branches entwined along with their memories."
Let's Celebrate
Card for any celebration.

"The old gumnut tree standing proud and still.. collecting memories within its textured bark.. watching silently as the people gather together in celebration.. under the natural canopy of its branches.. as the evening draws to a close.. the old gumnut tree witnesses another year."
Boab Flower
Card for any celebration.

"Watch with starry eyes.. as the boab flowers bloom at dusk.. under a blanket of a night sky.. bursting.. blossoming.. like hidden treasures."
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