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Qi beauty

A healthy and natural
age control treatment

"Ageing is the process of energy loss... Qi Beauty is the process of energy renewal"


This incredible facial is like no other, personalised to your very own, specific skin concerns. The application of 1000 or more 24ct gold magnets, with natural ionic gels, creams, serums and nutrients deliver a luxurious facial with lasting results. The Qi stimulation facial is perfect for anyone who wishes to age gracefully and for anyone wanting an improvement to the quality of their skin. 

The Qi Beauty treatment delivers proven clinical results. Lou also brings her therapeutic skills as an intuitive facialist to combine and make this the most pampering and luxurious experience.

In many cultures the therapeutic and beauty boosting power of gold has long been recognised. Indulge as Cleopatra would have, with gold plated magnets arranged in a beautifully unique, individualised and artistic way.










What is Qi?

Qi (Chi) is the energy within you that plays a major role in maintaining your health and vitality as you age.


Your skin requires Qi energy to stimulate effective oxygenation and regeneration throughout the ageing process.


The Qi beauty facial excites your cells to stimulate energy that skin requires in order to maintain regeneration and a youthful appearance. 

How do we stimulate Qi and what is the process?

Louise - your trained Qi beauty practitioner will assess your skin and design a Qi face map (matrix), before applying 1000+ 24ct gold micro-magnets. Magnets are positioned gently on facial meridians, select acupuncture points, lines, areas of pigmentation and areas requiring correction. The stimulation Qi energy creates will help remove blockages and encourage a surgical free lift.


Immediately skin cells become more energetic in response to the stimulation; moving deeper within skin layers to promote movement of fluids upwards, towards the skins surface. Qi stimulation is maintained throughout the treatment to assist in detoxification and rejuvenation. 

What are the benefits?

Your skin will be visibly improved after your first Qi beauty facial. Clinical results have shown that the Qi beauty facial will assist to:

  • Plump and tone dehydrated skin

  • Lift and define facial features

  • Decrease the size of pores

  • Reduce the appearance of pigmentation

  • Reduce the depth of wrinkles 

  • Repair/reduce broken capillaries

  • Provide an anti-ageing solution

  • Defend and maintain healthy skin  

This treatment works in harmony with Lou’s beauty ethos; whereby creating more balance internally and externally, through either our appearance or surrounding environment, we consequentially feel more aligned and rejuvenated. The Qi beauty facial, in essence, works to stimulate and increase the flow of ‘Chi’ – restoring energy back into the cells in a completely gentle and natural way. 

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The Home Kit

DIY Micropatch Magnetic Skin Care

Qi Beauty's signature product is The Home kit. A DIY system designed for women to control the way they age. Using Kathy Pedersen's Tested 12 best points for anti-ageing, the Qi beauty Home Kit is the staple to energetic skin.​

Includes: 50 treatments + 3 matrix + 7ml Travel Spritz + The Matrix Collection. Customise at any time


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