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Intuitive Facial

Balancing & Restorative Facial Treatment

Louise is an intuitive facial specialist. She is guided by trust and intuition and works with each individual client on an instinctive basis. Her facials are like none other and a ‘loose’ time must be allotted for your appointment. Louise’s mission is to rebalance and realign your overall energetic field, working with your energy chakras and the energy centres of your face. 


Our face bears a physical representation of all internal symptoms. The energy field of the face represents our whole holistic energetic field. Louise's works to rejuvenate and release tension in the face, in order to release tension throughout the rest of the body. Her belief is that through enhancing the ‘physical’ – your overall energy can be corrected and strengthen


The intuitive facial service is best described as a completely customised, multi-dimensional facial. It is a holistic facial – working on the physical, internal and spiritual levels. During this treatment, you may go into deep relaxation, even a meditative state. Many clients have reported going on a 'journey' of self actualisation. 


After your treatment, you will emerge with beautiful skin, as well as feeling renewed, re-energised, purified and glowing from the inside-out.

What is an Intuitive Facial?  

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Who Can Benefit from an Intuitive Facial? 


This treatment is perfect for everyone and anyone, especially those suffering from stress, seeking deep relaxation, people wishing to increase their power of concentration, increase their sense of wellbeing and anyone who wishes to pause, reset and reconnect. 


This guided, intuitive and nurturing facial has a profound and direct effect on the central nervous system. Throughout and after your treatment, you can expect an immediate sense of calm and relief from stress, fatigue, anxiety and hypertension.


Louise offers so much more than a standard facial. Her intuitive skills along with an in-depth understanding of the connection between mind, body and soul is what makes a treatment with Louise so extra special. Absolutely hands down, the best ever!!"

Sharon Breslin

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