Intuitive Facial

 Balancing & Restorative Facial Treatment 


Lou is an intuitive facial specialist. She is guided by trust and intuition and works with each individual client on an instinctive basis. Her facials are like none other and a ‘loose’ time must be allotted for your appointment (minimum time spent is 1.5 hours). Lou’s mission is to rebalance and realign your overall energetic field, working with your energy chakras and the energy centres of your face. 


Our face bears a physical representation of all internal symptoms. The energy field of the face represents our whole holistic energetic field. Lou works to rejuvenate and release tension in the face, in order to release tension throughout the rest of the body. Lou’s belief is that through enhancing the ‘physical’ – your overall energy can be corrected and strengthened.

















Intuitive Facial  


The intuitive facial service is best described as a completely customised, multi-dimensional facial. It is a holistic facial – working on the physical, internal and spiritual level. The facial treatment includes deep facial massage, working on the 12 ‘meridians’ (acupressure points) and energy zones of the body. The use of Aeos skincare products is tailored to your skin and emotional needs.


Lou is guided by your body and your needs, every massage stroke and treatment tool used throughout is done so with intention. Depending on your individual needs, your senses are awakened through the use of some or all of the following: aromatherapy, crystals, candles, flowers, warmth, sage smoke, chakra balancing and healing touch. Some of the following treatment tools are also employed: a healing drum, Ayurvedic kansa wand,crystal rollers, crystals, crystal Gua Shas, crystal bowl – for energetic sound healing.


Lou incorporates various healing modalities throughout your intuitive facial, such as Oriental acupressure, Reiki and Indian head massage techniques.

 Reiki healing works with realigning the ‘Chi’ – the natural energy ‘flow’. This is an ancient Japanese healing modality and the practitioner is intuitively guided to particular areas of the face and body that require the easing of energetic blockage. Indian head massage employs Ayurvedic healing techniques and works to detoxify, relieve tension and rebalance your energy- a truly wonderful experience.


After your treatment, you will emerge renewed, re-energised, purified and glowing from the inside-out.

Not only does the intuitive facial treatment nurture and rebalance, it also informs where your stagnant or redundant energy lies. 

Lou provides an informative analysis of what may have ‘transpired’ throughout your treatment and offers practical suggestions of how you can maintain a more serene and peaceful state, beyond your healing facial at the Life & Soul Living space. 




Who Can Benefit from an Intuitive Facial? 


This treatment is perfect for anyone suffering from stress, seeking deep relaxation, people wishing to increase their power of concentration, increase their sense of wellbeing and anyone who wishes to pause, reset and reconnect. 


This guided, intuitive and nurturing facial has a profound and direct effect on the central nervous system. Throughout and after your treatment, you can expect an immediate sense of calm and relief from stress, fatigue, anxiety and hypertension.


Post Treatment Note: 


It is recommended to avoid large crowds after your therapeutic treatment and to ensure the remainder of your day that follows is as restful and peaceful as possible. Your treatment enables and encourages complete mental rest.


Aeos – Skin Care Products with a Potent Difference

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From the abundant skincare options available today, Lou chooses to work with Aeos products for her intuitive facials. Having worked in the beauty therapy industry for decades and having trialed hundreds of products, Lou has found Aeos skincare the most organically advanced, energetic, natural, and beneficial products for her intuitive facial service.

Our skin is our largest living, breathing organ and what we put on it, more importantly what we ‘feed’ it - matters.

Aeos products are prepared over the course of 12 months, using alchemical techniques and Lou is expertly trained in understanding, not only the superficial, but more importantly the therapeutic effects that Aeos delivers.

Aeos products are described as “the alchemy of pure beauty”. They contain essential nutrients, that are ‘supercharged’ with living ingredients that work on multiple levels. The holy trinity of their products are: hydration (energised water), crystals (liquified) and colour (blue and pink beauty therapy). Through the use of colour, scent and liquified gems and crystals, their products go beyond that of just aiding a beautiful complexion - they support the user’s emotional wellbeing.

Aeos products are vegan and cruelty free – all ingredients are derived from the Shire Farm – a thriving sanctuary. The Aeos ethos is “from soil, to skin, to soul”.


Click on the below link to learn more about the incredible journey and creation of Aeos skincare products: