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Home Harmonising

Design your home energetically and aesthetically

Creating a home that is harmonious and balanced will spill over to a happy and healthy life.



Our home and immediate surrounding environments are quite literally an extension and reflection of who we are internally. For this reason, Feng Shui services perfectly compliment Lou’s existing beauty sensory offering.


If one aspect of ourselves is out of alignment, the rest will follow suit. Our own personal energy will imbue our surrounding spaces and vice versa. Lou is able to advise you on where the energetic blockages lie within the home and subsequently how these areas of ‘weakness’ can directly correlate with your wellbeing and the manifestation of personal issues. Lou refers to this as the ‘energy exchange’.


Feng Shui holistic practices can re-focus, realign and change the energy flow within the home, recapturing the energy so it can be directed more positively to support and influence the quality of our lives and overall well-being. 


The Home Harmony services offered by Lou do cross over and often clients request a combination of all three, however they can also be done as separate, individual services. 

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui wisdom is about enabling you to get the most out of your life by creating positive energy influence in your environment.


Feng Shui is the art of aligning your immediate surrounding environment to influence the manifestation of success in all areas of your life.


All forms, inanimate or otherwise, take on energy and life force and as such, the arrangement of your possessions and objects can have a profound and direct influence on your achievements, health, wealth, mood and relationships. 

As a Feng Shui practitioner, Lou utilises ancient skills and techniques to fine-tune the intricate play and interaction of all elements within your home environment.


The aim is to mitigate any negative or counter-productive effects that arise from weak or poorly aligned ‘Qi’; by providing advice and solutions on how to redirect that energy, and better position objects - for optimum positive energy flow. 

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Holistic Interior Design

Lou's holistic interior styling service allows her to tap into your true creative spirit, by working with each client based on their creative design preferences.

Often in order to create a 'beautiful' home space, we may focus on objects and elements that are trend driven and not a true reflection of our personal tastes. So often 'beautiful interior design' focuses solely on the aesthetic aspect and not necessarily on the balancing, or harmonising placement of objects. 

Lou will work with you to uncover your true, individual tastes and style and help you to execute that vision. Through honouring our internal 'flair', there is no disconnect or compromise between the relationship with our external and internal worlds. 

Your aspirations, lifestyle, emotional and physical needs will all help determine the direction the project takes. Lou's knowledge calls on the myriad of ways that light, colour, sound, aroma, and space clearing all aid in achieving a space that will truely nurture and nourish your soul. 


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Space Clearing

Have you ever noticed the feeling hanging in the air after there has been an argument, even though the people are no longer in the room? Or the feeling you get when walking into certain buildings?

Space clearing is the process of clearing residual energy from the fabric, space and infrastructure of the building. Ancient cultures and civilisations throughout history have recognised the powerful impact of clearing space.

Lou has an innate sense of space and on walking into the room, she ‘downloads’ as she moves through, providing immediate powerful feedback. Once Lou has completed her walk through, she will then set about a powerful clearing of energy, through cleansing smells, deep sound vibration and focused intention.

Once the powerful clearing has been completed, there is a palpable sense of refreshment and renewal that goes through the entire space re-setting it back to neutral. This is so you have no encumbrances from the previous residents, or energies that you no longer wish to persist.

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